5th Door on Wedding Limos

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Most wedding limousines have 2 doors at the back for the whole bridal party to walk in to and out.  This some times may prove to be a discomfort as the whole bridal party goes in and out and need to step carefully and also apply the last in first out (LIFO) principle.

When the wedding limousine has a 5th door, it all makes sense, it makes going in and out a lot easier for the whole bridal party.

In addition to the comfort of getting in and out of the limousine,  having a 5th door in a wedding limousine, the bride has no chance in getting her wedding dress dirty from a tyre, as the tyre is no where near the entry point if she gets in via the 5th door.

Most of the modern wedding cars have their 5th door towards the front of the car, so exists are front and back, but some the old limos, i.e. Model A Fords have them in the middle of the stretched car.
Perth wedding limo companies that have a 5th door include:

Irrespective of how far you travel on your wedding day in Perth, or how many times you get in and out, the process of getting in and out of your limo will be made easier if your wedding car has a 5th door.

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