Colour of your limo on your wedding day

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What colour should your limo be for your wedding day?  Some brides like to discuss the topic of their wedding limo colour and try to match up the bride’s maid dresses with the car, or the other way around.

Colour options are vast, but in general most limos are:

  • Black all round
  • Black with silver upper
  • Black with white
  • Gold all round
  • Silver
  • Two tone silver
  • Silver and grey
  • Two tone grey
  • White
  • Cream
  • Pink

The choice of colour may be one of contrast, so if your bride’s maids are wearing a light colour it may be a good idea to have a dark limo, so when you have photos with the limo, they will stand out and there will be separation and make the limo stand out more.

Any good wedding photographer with experience will be able to make any dress colour with any colour limo, so the main bit of advise is to choose a colour that suits your personality and you like the look of.  The beauty of weddings is that you can work with anything anywhere, and it all goes.

One of the main things you should consider is how will the limo colour look in your wedding album and not just now, but in 20 years time or 50. So what you think may be “fashionable” or “cool” now, will it be the same when you look at your wedding photos in the future.

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