Food and Alcohol in a Wedding Limo

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Some limo companies will allow you to bring alcohol on your wedding day, soft drinks and/or food.  It’s worth asking before you make your booking as not all allow everything.

Things to ask your wedding limo driver:

  • Can you bring alcohol on the trip?
  • Will the driver provide an esky or should you.  If you do, be prepared to take it home after your ride
  • Can you bring soft drinks
  • Can you bring your own food
  • Can you eat food and/or drink in the car
  • Will the limo have glasses for your champagne

You need to be aware that drinking alcohol while the car is in motion is not allowed, same rules as driving your own car apply according to the Department of Transport.  If you get pulled over by the Police, the driver and yourself will be fined and the driver may lose his/her license.

You may also find that some limo companies who have unique or prestige wedding cars, may  not allow you to eat food while in the car. This is fair enough as the mess may be long lasting.

Most wedding limo/car companies in Perth do provide eskys for your drinks, which is great, but you will need to ask about the things you intend to do so there is no disappointment on the day.

It’s also worth nothing that limos are not licenses vehicles and can not sell or provide you with alcohol on your wedding day.

It may be fun going through a drive through in a limo, time permitting that is, should you forget to bring your drinks.

You’ll find that most, if not all wedding limo drivers in Perth are very accommodating, especially if you talk to them and discuss your options.

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