How long before my wedding should I book my wedding cars?

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Like with any wedding planning, the time you should allow before booking your wedding limo is based on what sort of car you would like for your wedding day.

In any city in Australia there is only a limited amount of wedding cars around, and in peak season you can bet that most if not all cars will be booked out.  When you have your wedding date booked, you should consider your transport, in particular once you know how big your bridal party will be, as this will also be part of the decision making process.

There are less classic cars, or specific cars from different eras, and this may be a factor as if you would like one of these, there will be a limited amount of them, so you can bet that they will be booked out early. On the other hand more standard cars i.e. Fords or Holdens they will be more available closer to your wedding day.

Once you have your wedding date and the amount of people travelling with you, and are after a specific vehicle, it’s worth booking it, no matter how far out your wedding day is.

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