Look Wicked in a Hummer Limo

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You can party in true Hollywood style and look wicked in a Hummer limo. There’s nothing like celebrating your birthday, anniversary or just a night out in pampered, super-luxurious style while traveling in an attention-grabbing monster sized SUV.

How do you look wicked in a Hummer?

  • Oversized, gleaming wheels and a sleek, long shiny vehicle makes everybody stop and look.
  • Multiple large flat LCD screens and a huge sound system with a light show that puts some night clubs to shame.
  • Spacious leather seating
  • Your own personal chauffer
  • Choice of black, pink, maroon and white- no matter what the occasion- you’re going to look wicked.

With Hummer limos being the vehicle of choice for rock stars, celebrities and professional athletes, it’s no wonder everybody stops to look when one passes by or pulls up curb-side. These vehicles are designed to stand out and look good.

With all the entertainment options available in one of these very wicked limos, it’s no wonder Perth partiers choose a Hummer. When you ride in a Hummer, you’ve got your own private mobile night club. You can watch a DVD, listen to your favourite music while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Even just a ride to your favourite restaurant becomes a celebration.

Whether it’s just you or you and a group of friends, the Hummer limo offers several different sized vehicles where everyone rides in pampered luxury. The custom leather seating is designed to be exceptionally comfortable.

No worries about parking or getting lost when you travel in a Hummer limo. You’ve got your own personal chauffer whose job it is to give you the best possible customer experience and personal attention to detail.

Traditional black for a Buck’s night out, gleaming white for a wedding day or popping pink for a Hen party. Whatever the occasion, there’s a Hummer that’s just the right colour.

Pamper yourself in true celebrity style by looking wicked in a Hummer limo. These wicked limos are some of the most attention grabbers on the road in Perth.

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