Wedding Limo Schedule Planning

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When you are planning your wedding limo hire you need to consider what happens if you are running late on the day. Some of the busy Perth limo companies book their jobs back to back, but some only book one job for that day or they may book a job with reasonable amount of time in between bookings.

It’s common for weddings to run over, so you need to be ready and know what will happen if this actually happens. Most wedding photographers are happy to shoot for as long as possible and the brides are all for it, lets face it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on dress, make up, hair etc, why not have it photographed professionally.

So lets put this into perspective, of what can happen on a wedding day. You are a little late to the wedding ceremony, lets say 15 minutes or so, then this pushes everything back at least 15 minutes, and your limo driver has not allowed a contingency for your wedding day and has to be gone by 6:00pm which was meant to be your walk in time, the light is perfect, you are down the beach or overlooking some great landscapes, and your limo driver says he has to go as he has another job, you offer him some extra money, but that won’t do as he has “another job”, you are in trouble, the sun is going down, you would have got an amazing shot, perhaps an award winning shot for the photographer – you lose.

So when you are booking your wedding limo hire from a Perth limo company, ask them if they have another booking on the same night, and if not would they book someone else, and if they do, what is their contingency. See if you can pay for more time on the night. Failing that, book the limo for an additional hour or half from the time you were meant to walk into the reception area and guarantee yourself a stress free day.

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