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Wedding Limo Schedule Planning

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When you are planning your wedding limo hire you need to consider what happens if you are running late on the day. Some of the busy Perth limo companies book their jobs back to back, but some only book one job for that day or they may book a job with reasonable amount of time in between bookings. It’s common for weddings to run over, so you need to be ready and know what will happen if this actually happens. Most wedding photographers are happy to shoot for as long as possible and the brides are all for it, lets […]

Wedding Limos – Planning for a wedding

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When choosing a limo hire for a wedding occasion there are many different wedding limos that are available. The choices can be confusing because everything looks incredibly dazzling and in some cases breathtaking. But you are looking for something glamorous and unique so the search continues and you feel you’re getting closer to a Perth limo hire. There are some things you want to take into consideration before deciding on a booking, and the information provided here will help you in making that important decision about which wedding limos will work the best for your occasion. The availability is probably the most important question you’ll have when discussing wedding limos with a Perth limo hire. Depending on the time of the year they may only have certain models available. So with this in mind, it is very important that you contact a limo hire to find out how soon you […]