The Many Styles of Wedding Limos in Perth

There are so many different models of limos you can choose from for your wedding day which means you can pick just the right one to reflect your taste and the style of your wedding.

The makes and models range from vintage and nostalgic, to sleek and modern to something a bit different with a stretch Hummer. Whatever your style, there’s bound to be wedding limos in Perth to suit. Here’s a look at some of the models available in each of these categories.

The vintage and nostalgic limos

For some old world romance with a vintage feel, the classic limos from Rolls Royce, Cadillac and Jaguar are the way to go.

Rolls Royce

Nothing evokes an image of luxury cars more than the Rolls Royce name. The Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Limousines are an excellent option for some old world charm on your wedding day and with their large, light windows, they make for a great photo opportunity of the bride arriving.

Seating 6 passengers comfortably, they are perfect for smaller bridal parties or to be used in conjunction with a bridal car.


Full of class and vintage appeal, the Jaguar Mk 7, Mk 8 and Mk 9 models will look beautiful in your wedding photos. They also provide a luxurious journey on the day with walnut trim and leather or velour upholstery inside along with deep seats and plenty of leg room to accommodate all manner of wedding dresses. Another model with a smaller seating capacity, they can seat up to 4 passengers but may be suited to less passengers when used as a bridal car.


The classic 1957 Cadillac limousine is one of the rarer original 1950’s limousines available to hire for your wedding, and as the only one in Perth, it is a very unique option. With it’s striking colour and classic styling, this is one limousine to turn heads. Seating 8 passengers, it is one of the larger of the vintage wedding limos in Perth.

The sleek and modern limos

When you want a modern and sleek style, with a host of modern appointments such as jet doors, internal lighting and great sound systems, Chrysler and Mercedes both offer options to suit.

Chrysler 300c

One of the most popular of the modern limo models is the Chrysler 300c super stretch limousine which is available through a large range of different hire companies. It seats 10 and is available in a number of colours including white, black, silver, champagne, blue and two toned black and silver.

There are various options available with the Chrysler depending on which company you hire the limousine through including Lamborghini scissor doors, a fifth bridal door and party lighting.


A Mercedes wedding limo really is a touch of sleek, modern luxury with the European style and safety that Mercedes are renowned for. They seat between 8 to 10 passengers, have leather and suede interior and are typically available in classic black or white/ivory.

Something a bit different with a Hummer limo

For a modern limo option that will wow, you can’t go past a Hummer Limo. They seat between 14 and 16 passengers which makes them excellent for large bridal parties. With a bar, TV screens and neon lighting, being in the Hummer is a lot of fun too.

The larger Hummer’s feature a bridal door which makes it easy for the bride to make a spectacular exit from the car. A range of colours are available from classic white or ivory, to sleek black or for something more out there, they’re also available in colours like pink and cherry red.

For a visual of various wedding cars and limos, go to Belle Limousine’s you Tube Channel