What time should a limo arrive on your wedding day?

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On your wedding day, arrival of your limo is important, but what time should it arrive?  The answer is simple – at least 15 minutes before you are meant to walk out the door.  Most limo companies will allow for this grace period of time.

When planning your wedding in Perth, or any other city for that matter, you need to discuss the plan with your limousine company and ask them directly to what time they will be there before you are meant to walk out the door for your wedding ceremony.  Don’t assume that they will know, or that they will arrive earl.

When speaking to your limo company, you should tell them what time your ceremony is and also what time your photographer has suggested you walk out the door to go to your ceremony, and with factoring travel time to the ceremony, you will have a well planned wedding day.
Lets look at the wedding schedule:

  • Ceremony starts at 3:00pm
  • Travel time from bride’s house to wedding ceremony location: 30 mins

With the timing above, the limousine should arrive at 2:15, so even if you decide to walk out a bit early and do a quick photo shoot, you have the flexibility to do so.

In addition to the timing, on your wedding day, should there be any roadworks around your house or where ever you are getting ready, you should call your limo driver in the morning and let them know about it.  This may mean that they leave a bit earlier to ensure they get to you on time, not to mention need to allow additional time to negotiate towards your ceremony location.

As an addition safeguard in the week of your wedding day you should call your limo driver and confirm the timing of his/her arrival.   Don’t forget that if your limo is only late by 5 or 10 minutes for whatever reason, you will be late to your ceremony without wanting to, not to mention the additional stress of dealing with “am I going to get there on time?”

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