Wheel Covers for Wedding Limos

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Wedding dresses being usually white or an off white, it’s important that they are kept clean while you are in your wedding limo and before you get in.   When you go to sit into a wedding limo it’s worth noting the state of the tyre as you may brush on it.  Just because it looks black and shiny, it does not mean that it is without anything that will rub off onto your wedding dress.

Most wedding limo drivers will polish the car and shine the tyres with some sort of a shining agent, we’ve all used them as some point in time on our cars to make the tyres look shiny.

Also, don’t forget that the car wasn’t air lifted to your house before your ceremony, it was on the road and it would have picked up some dirt/dust.

So when choosing your wedding limo company, you may want to ask the driver if a wheel cover will be supplied on your wedding day for the back tyre so you don’t dirty your wedding dress.

If they don’t have some sort of wheel cover for their limousines, but you still want the vehicle, you can always bring a black towel and ask the limo driver to cover the wheel  before you get in or out of the vehicle.

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