When ten into ten does not equal one?

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When planning wedding transport, many couples make the mistake of thinking that a ten seat limo comfortably fit a wedding party of ten passengers. When hiring a limo for a school ball or concert transfer it is common to seat ten people into a ten seat Chrysler limousine.

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Allocate three seats for the bride and groom and think about each member of your wedding party before you book your limo – ten rugby players will not fit comfortably in a ten seat Chrysler.

The same is true for other combinations too, fourteen into fourteen does not equal one Hummer limousine either. Each limo is custom built and different seating arrangements and lengths of stretch can make one limo more roomy than another with the same seating capacity. Hummers are frequently over estimated, just because they are a big limo doesn’t mean that they have significantly more space for guests compared to a conventional limo. Each limo needs to be considered on its own merits.

Businesses will often recommend wedding car and limo combinations that include additional seats to the number in your wedding party – they have your best interests at heart. You should consider the size of members of the bridal party and the locations to be used. The bigger the number in the bridal party, and the size of the individuals, and the longer the distances you will need to travel the more certain is the need to factor in additional seats in your wedding transport.

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